LEM Industries

Established in 2011 with the aim of investing and applying acquired know-how from Group companies in high-fashion and luxury markets to other segments not directly associated but promising, in terms of development opportunity, both at national and international levels.

Our method capitalises on the integration of the best human and technical competencies.

In both activities as Consultant and Investor, we pursue the following goals:
– Protect and enhance the value and know-how of our companies and our clients;
– Develop production and technological leadership to be able to address the future;
– Support the evolvement of all personnel and those who operate and collaborate with us.


“That which is not good for the bee-hive cannot be good for the bees.”

Marcus Aurelius


We know what’s to be done and which road to take, because we’ve tried, made mistakes and tried again –in the process learning about our shortcomings, and not those of the clients.


Daniele gualdani
Sole Director
Corso Biagioni
General Manager
Omar Antonio Cescut
Marketing & Comunication
Andrea Colasurdo
Marco Colasurdo
Management Control
Francesco Fabbrizzi
Commercial Services
Massimiliano Grande
Commercial Services
Anna Maria De Maio
Legal Services
Elena Lecchini
Human Resources
Paolo Peri
ITC Services
Luca Renzi
Lean Production
Mirco Sinigaglia


Investments last as long as a business plan, campaigns are valid for the medium term, certain assets emerge during an emergency, and others return to normal.​

We promote the growth of all people who work and collaborate with us



Registered office

Via Leo Valiani 45/47
52021 Levane-Bucine (AR)
Tel. +39 055 97 88 590
VAT Reg No: 02052660517