Production model

People with attitudes and competencies, dedicated resources, latest generation technologies and rigorous methods which have become a modus operandi, today allow us to manage companies, transforming raw material into finished products of extraordinary manufacture while achieving significant KPIs through performance where costs, efficiency, quality and flexibility are concerned.

Brands come into contact with the production process
IBrands determine the production and take part in executive decisions
Brands choose ecological and sustainable processes
Total control
Cost reduction
Direct quality control
Product customisation
Made in italy
No parallel market
No Fakes


The largest production capacity in Europe’s luxury sector
Production area – 30 000 square metres
Industrial reliability
Lean Method
Comprehensive knowledge of the fashion and luxury industries
45 years of experience
2 analytical laboratories
Continuous innovation
Consistent investment
Total traceability
More than 4.5 million items produced per month
Over 1000 personalised finishes
Artisan craftsmanship in an industrialised process
Qualified personnel
Continuous staff training
Average staff age of 35 years
Vertical integration with specialised agencies
Staff complement includes five different nationalities
Women make up 50% of the workforce