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TRE A was founded in 1974 as a goldsmithing company with the registered trademark 165AR. Over the years, the company has evolved into a galvanic laboratory geared towards providing processing and embellishments for precious goods and high-value costume jewellery.

TRE A applies manufacturing processes to fashion and luxury accessories in capitalising on years of experience matured in goldsmithing and in all uniquely intricate techniques, those which demand a high degree of professionalism and a comprehensive grasp of the finer skills of master craftsmen.

The name ‘TRE A’ is characterised by standing for 3 aspects all beginning with the letter ‘A’ in Italian: Artigiani, Argentieri, Aretini, which in English, translates to Artisans, Silversmiths and Folk of Arezzo (a commune of Tuscany).

Due to significant market changes over recent years, and to respond to the demands for distinctiveness in the ‘new’ luxury which dictates unicity of value and brand, as well as personalisation – TRE A emerged as the essential partner. Contributing the Tradition of its profession, the Research of new solutions, proposals and Expression, TRE A has the capacity to successfully create extraordinary products, which are often unique, and which embody the maximum distinction of the brand and worthiness of whoever wears them.

TRE A provides galvanic treatments to jewellery and fashion accessories that are nickel, nickel-free and hypoallergenic, and with glossy or vintage finishes of highest quality standards, not to mention in rapid delivery times. Today, TRE A’s role is to be the dependable expert technical partner where aesthetic galvanic finishes are concerned, while observing eco-sustainable operations.