iZ Renewable Luxury is an innovative start-up that helps companies in the procurement of certified raw materials coming from disused products. Our services include certification, traceability and development of social projects with the aim of developing circular economy platforms that create a shared value for all stakeholders involved.
We understand that sustainability and ethical sourcing are becoming increasingly important to businesses in today’s world. That’s why we’ve developed a range of services that help companies achieve their sustainability goals, while still ensuring access to the best quality raw materials.

The first 2 industries that we have united in the circular economy platform called iZ Precious are the world of electronic waste and fashion, jewellery and watch brands.

Our mission is to promote urban mining (smartphones, tablets, PCs and other disused devices) as transparent, traceable and sustainable sources of gold, silver and palladium in the fashion and jewellery market.
To achieve this goal, the start-up has developed the iZ Precious private certification program which aims to guarantee brands a transparent and traced precious metal recovery chain from electronic waste where its Members (electronic waste treatment centers and recovery plants) are engaged in the development of social and sustainability projects.

The brands that use precious metals marked as iZ Precious will be able to strongly convey their values and have a positive impact on our planet by contributing to transform the e-waste problem into an economic, social and environmental opportunity.