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“I've interviewed and hired hundreds of people, most of whom had a discreet success. Obviously, I was always looking for the usual qualities: integrity, loyalty, body spirit, consideration for others, intelligence and honesty. Actually, I wasn't so concerned about actual skills: my experience teaches me that the human mind is so powerful that in a relatively short time it is possible to teach anyone to do any kind of work existing in the world, while it takes years to eradicating some bad habits and personal characteristics, such as lying or disrespecting others, which fail a worker much more than lack of technical skills."

Michael Roach, The Diamond Cutter

We are always on the lookout for courageous people who have heart.


We are seeking a junior person for our technical office dealing with the management of orders.
After a period of being shadowed and receiving training on-the-job, the candidate will undertake the following responsibilities:
- engage in direct contact with the client for the purposes of managing technical alignments;
- devise technical solutions in conformity with the contract;
- maintain relations with suppliers for the purposes of defining the scope of supply.

Knowledge of at least one of the following languages is required:
English: Good (B2-C1)
French: Basic (A1-A2)
Preferred qualifications:
- University degree in Industrial Chemistry;
- Completed thesis related to industrial water, process water and/or wastewater treatment.

Willingness to transfer, if required.
Previous experience in the industry is not required.

Initial fixed-term contract

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Sofia Rossi
Andrea Senesi
Marta Caldi
Andrea Bonciani
Chiara Ornani

Intern, Office of Marketing and Communication – LEM INDUSTRIES SPA

Starting my professional career at LEM INDUSTRIES SPA excites and touches me. I realise that I have a lot to learn about how to tackle projects and how groups approach them. This method helps me engage myself to collaborate and contribute and can continue learning how every day.

Technical Head of Quality and Manager, XRF Measurement Division – LEM

I’ve been with LEM for 15 years: my working experience within the LEM INDUSTRIES SPA Group is marked by continuous growth in technical and chemical fields and currently also in terms of commercial aspects in search of constant improvement – due largely to instruments and opportunities at hand, bound by passion and dedication which we all apply in the things we do. The concept of teamwork is fundamental, more so today than ever before. The individual wins you the game, but the team nets you the championship. I am grateful to this Group for having given me this opportunity.

Master of Works and Head of Division – SPAXIO, X-PLATING

My working career within the Group has been characterised by new and continuous learning experiences, from wanting to improve my abilities to being curious about the constantly evolving work processes. The path ahead will be approached with even more curiosity.

Quality Representative – INCOMING, LEM

I began my job at LEM after having acquired experience in other sectors. The career I’ve undertaken at LEM has allowed me, from the outset, to gain in what distinguishes a company like many others, from one which is a cut above.

Head of Quality, DELUXE BRASS

Being part of the Group means navigating, as one, towards a common objective, where there’s exponential growth to tackle daily challenges with the spirit of a strong and cohesive group. My working experience leads me to see beyond, with curiosity, in trying to improve even the smallest details in order to be able to always best respond to the needs of the client.

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