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''I've interviewed and hired hundreds of people, most of whom had a discreet success.
Obviously, I was always looking for the usual qualities: integrity, loyalty, body spirit, consideration for others, intelligence and honesty. .
Actually, I wasn't so concerned about actual skills: my experience teaches me that the human mind is so powerful that in a relatively short time it is possible to teach anyone to do any kind of work existing in the world, while it takes years to eradicating some bad habits and personal characteristics, such as lying or disrespecting others, which fail a worker much more than lack of technical skills."

Michael Roach, The Diamond Cutter

We are always on the lookout for courageous people who have heart.

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We are seeking a junior person for our technical office dealing with the management of orders. After a period of being shadowed and receiving training on-the-job, the candidate will undertake the following responsibilities:– engage in direct contact with the client for the purposes of managing technical alignments;– devise technical solutions


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