About us

We are the most significant European corporation involved in the growth and development of start-ups and companies active in accessories and finishes of the most renowned luxurious brands at the international level.

We conceptualise and supply solutions and technologies to the large prestigious groups and brands of the industry, ensuring Italian craftsmanship as well as industrial quality. We guide people and businesses in the achievement of their objectives, in the knowledge that only through continuous evolution, can we find the formula for success in the here and now, and for tomorrow.


We know what’s to be done and which road to take, because we’ve tried, made mistakes and tried again –in the process learning about our shortcomings, and not those of the clients.


Investments last as long as a business plan, campaigns are valid for the medium term, certain assets emerge during an emergency, and others return to normal.​

We promote the growth of all people who work and collaborate with us