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Passion for luxury

Founded in 1974, LEM is the inspirational part of the LEM Industries S.p.A. Group, and over the course of 40 years, has become the world ‘reference’ for the electroplating of accessories of the most significant brands in international fashion and luxury.

LEM has always viewed the world from a different point-of-view than that of the rest of the galvanic production community.

LEM develops an industrial process, guaranteeing a high degree of craftsmanship.

Over the years, countless brand and luxury operators, from small-scale artisans to large firms and multinational corporations, have chosen to collaborate with LEM to create their products.

One of LEM’s key divisions in industrial process management is the LEM LAB, which contributes to the minimisation of non-conformities.

A team of eight chemists are constantly analysing electroplating solutions

These process controls help avoid decomposition and depletion of chemical solutions needed to layer accessories, since the fashion industry demands the highest of quality standards and performance from electroplated finishes.

However, available solutions are usually more suited to the technical and decorative industries, not necessarily for the fashion industry.

For these reasons, LEM LAB has reformulated commercially available solutions, and in some cases, uses its own proprietary solutions

Production lines and Plants

LEM’s consistent growth has been possible, thanks to its capacity to continually invest in new structures and new production lines, which currently include:

Manual electrodeposition plant

Automatic electrodeposition plant

Semi-automatic roto-barrel plant

Rotary vibrator plant (for vintage finishes and pre- or post-finishing)

Innovation & Lean

For us, the Lean methodology represents the practice of continuously developing products, services and processes – working with a continued drive towards excellence in assisting and expanding our customer base, day by day.

Production model

The business and production models are the founding principles of our company and have evolved over the years while also adapting to market changes – and with respect to all participants along the production chain. The production model reflects our experience and desires to orientate all business activities to the maximum quality achievement possible, while minimising errors and managing industrial production levels – all the while maintaining the acute attention and scrupulous input of the craftsman.


LEM’s processes are highly customisable, whereby coatings are applied with or without nickel, depending on the client’s needs.

  • Vibratory polishing process of the initial rough product using specific materials to render the final version smooth and uniform.
  • Rough items are bound to frames with copper wire and prepared for electroplating..
  • Embellishment of metals by means of an electrodeposition process. Accessories are immersed, either manually or automatically, via a static process.
    For small items (buttons, eyelets, etc.) that cannot be affixed to a frame, it is also possible to apply treatments using a roto-barrel plant.
  • Trattamento singolo o combinazione di più deposizioni che soddisfino i requisiti qualitativi ed estetici richiesti.
  • Manual processes which allow the cutting of copper wire bindings of freshly-treated items, carried out in line with meticulous quality control procedures.
  • Checking deposition thicknesses by means of appropriate instruments to maintain and satisfy the quality and specifications of the client.
  • Proactive chemical laboratory controls and verifications effected throughout the complete production cycle to guarantee efficiency, quality and consistency in processes.
  • Comprehensive quality control checks are carried out on accessories in line with the parameters specified by the client.

  • Protection of finished accessories through the use of various materials like tissue paper, electrostatic film and via automated packaging, etc.
  • Our transportation service covers all of Italy on a daily basis as part of a dedicated pick-up and drop-off of goods and materials.


With a view to continuous improvement, we dedicate ourselves every day in order to guarantee the best for our clients and staff, and we constantly strive to stay current with the objective of pursuing the best certifications as regards environmental protection, for quality, and for work ethics.

Over the last 5 years, LEM has received the following certifications:

  • April 2014 – ISO9001 – Quality management
  • October 2015 – SA8000 – Social Accountability
  • October 2016 – ISO14001 – Environmental management

Other certifications in the process of being awarded:

  • ISO28001 – Systems management for supply chain security
  • ISO50001 – Energy management

SA.BS.001 RM - SA8000 - Year 2021

SA.BS.001 SB - SA8000 - Year 2021

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 - Energy management








Sub-action A “Support for innovative processes in manufacturing and related services of MSMEs: Assistance with the acquisition of innovative services.”

Project: ERPCHAIN – Extended management of the supply chain with a view to quality, environment and social ethics with re-engineering of the logistical production processes, and the company ERP. LEM SRL has therefore embarked on a process of monitoring its subcontractors in order to ensure the involvement of all the operators involved in related activities, with a view towards compliance with rules and standards already applied and certified by the Company.


Project: Lean Thinking & estensione SGI

Implementazione di un sistema di gestione integrato per l’energia, la sicurezza di dati e la sicurezza nella catena di fornitura, ed integrazione con gli altri sistemi già esistenti ed Efficientamento delle operazioni produttive mediante l’introduzione della cultura e degli strumenti Lean.


Project: MANAGEMENT CONTROL AND INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS – Management control and implementation of an Integrated Quality – Environment – Social Responsibility Management System.

The “Management Control & SGI” project was undertaken by LEM with the aim of increasing its competitiveness in the sector of galvanic finishing of objects intended for high fashion through direct intervention on the one hand, optimising the company organisation from economic/financial points-of-view by pursuing high standards in order to respond promptly to the needs of the market and, on the other hand, through the inclusion of an integrated certification system to give the company an significant profile boost, and therefore a further advantage on competition.



Project: NANO ECO FASHION EVOLUTION – Study and experimentation of new nanoparticulate surface finishes for the creation of totally eco-friendly and hypoallergenic fashion accessories.

Acronym: NEFE

Research and development project with the aim of developing new surface treatments using nanoparticles and PVD to create hypoallergenic and eco-friendly jewellery accessories.

The main objective of the project is the creation of new product lines for the high fashion industry that are environmentally friendly along the entire production chain, from raw materials to surface finishing, through the implementation of innovative technologies.



Project: New process of aluminium electroplating on fashion accessories through the development of Deep Eutectic Solvents (DES) and subsequent colouring.

Acronym: EL4ALL


Integrated policy ISO9001 SA8000 E ISO14001


LEM SRL Sole Proprietor recognises the negativity and danger deriving from the extraction and export of minerals from conflict-affected and high-risk areas and considers it of fundamental importance to respect human rights and not to feed conflicts; with this in mind, LEM undertakes to draft and adopt its own responsible gold procurement policy.


The GOODGALV project intends to create a paradigm of sustainable development in the galvanic sector by increasing performance both from an economic and social point of view, working on the aspects of eco-sustainability and industry 4.0.


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