We view the growth and potential of our human capital as an extremely important aspect, and to which we constantly focus much of our energy.

We dedicate our full commitment, such that all can successfully surpass their own limits – whether those are physical, economical and/or social.

Internal training

These ‘maxims’ are intended to remind us of our commitment to excellence, to lead our teams towards success, and to turn constant learning into a positive habit.

External training

Specialist course – CHEMALUX

This course, entitled Master Executive in Management e Comunicazione per l’Industria Chimica del Lusso (CHEMALUX) is run by the University of Siena in Italian, and in collaboration with LEM INDUSTRIES SPA to train students new managerial competencies for the fashion and luxury accessories industries.

CHEMALUX is for those who intend launching a managerial career path in the chemical industry where the luxury goods sector is concerned. The CHEMALUX course, unique in Italy, provides the competencies necessary to analyse market scenarios, render respective production processes more efficient, and enhance final products in terms of innovation and sustainability

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Educational Topics

Key features of the CHEMALUX Specialist course

University course

The CHEMALUX ‘Master Executive’ course was initiated by the University of Siena in collaboration with LEM INDUSTRIES SPA, a career path of high-level training which renders participants 60 university credits (crediti formativi universitari, CFU) in line with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

Comprehensive course

Process innovation in chemistry and physics materials science, phenomena analysis, marketing and communication, as well as sustainable design and management form the pillars of the CHEMALUX Specialist course.

Weekend course

Educational coursework is undertaken Fridays (morning and afternoon) and Saturdays (morning) on alternate weeks in order to offer favourable frequency and opportunities to those who work. Lessons are presented from March to September 2020.


The CHEMALUX Specialist course guarantees the undertaking of an experience-building internship in companies within the luxury sector, focusing on the following professional roles: Sustainability manager, Innovation manager, Production manager, Product manager, Marketing and Communications manager and Sales manager.

Study grant

CHEMALUX provides the opportunity to two first-placed graduates, based on personal approach and intermediate graded results, to do an internship within the LEM INDUSTRIES SPA Group, and at the completion, to be assessed for a fixed-term appointment of at least one year.

The University of Siena (UNISI) and LEM INDUSTRIES SPA

UNISI annually confirms its place among the top learning institutes in Italy, as rated by the ‘Centro Studi Investimenti Sociali’ (CENSIS), a socio-economic research institute thinktank. LEM INDUSTRIES SPA is the global reference point for the growth and development of start-ups and companies active in the luxury and accessory sectors of the most prestigious brands around the globe

“Enterprises are probably the last remaining communities where it’s possible to learn to grow. The inspiration and the support have been desired to improve our corporate life and offering the occasion of improvement, primarily for young local talents and their families.”

Daniele Gualdani, Sole Director LEM INDUSTRIES SPA
“International luxury brands and new market trends look to the chemical industries for accessories and finishes which are more in line with the principles of sustainability and total quality of the products. This is why it’s essential that managers in this sector possess a solid approach to innovation and the knowledge required to engage along the entire production line: research and development, production, distribution, purchases and sales."

Corso Biagioni, General Manager LEM INDUSTRIES SPA
“Chemalux combines chemico-galvanic industrial production process knowledge with competencies in marketing and communication. From the chemistry of materials to the prospects of ‘Made in Italy’, from Project Management to Digital Communication: the professional image developed out of CHEMALUX is broadly relevant to the diverse industrial functions and is highly sought after by companies in the sector.”

Maurizio Masini, Specialist Course Training Manager
“We believe it’s an important initiative for us and our university UNISI, that for years now it has initiated an intense activity through a joint university/enterprise laboratory with the aim of introducing the company to the university to share both the technical research mechanism, and the technologies the company utilises in its activities. In this way, the university becomes a live reality instead of being restricted to the academic environment, and completely integrated into the world and society in which we live.”

Alessandro Innocenti, Associate Professor of Economics of the Department of Political Economy, Finance and Development (DEPFID) at the University of Siena. He is also Researcher at the Experimental Economics Laboratory LabSi, of the Research Laboratory for Behavioral Finance (BEFINLAB) and Director of the Interuniversity Center for Experimental Economics
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