Symbols of life

We are fully orientated towards the end-user client because it’s important that everyone should be who they are without compromise.
Our luxury and high-fashion creations address the ‘customer journey’, where we analyse their daily dynamics and interweave these with the typical day of the retailer to render them homogenous, integrated and relatable – and which tell a story of recognisability and affinity.
Our creations are chosen, not only for their aesthetics and technical characteristics, but also for the cooperation that we establish with the client via ‘human’ and ‘technological’ services, capable of exposing any forgery or counterfeit.

Capacity and production potential courtesy of latest generation plants
Vibratory polishing
Static, manual, semi-automatic, automatic and roto-barrel galvanic treatments
Surface treatment
Galvanic deposition thickness verification
Quality control
Pick-up and drop-off service
X-22 PVD Technology System
Services, manufacturing and processing for haute couture of high fashion houses
Glossy electroplating
Thickness certification
Colorimetric coordinate certification
Vibratory treatment for opaque and aged effects (using black gold and ruthenium baths)
Quality control and packaging
Pick-up and drop-off service
From raw material to ‘finished accessory – verified and approved’, with the best artisan craftsmanship services
Vintage effect
Quality control
Pick-up and drop-off service
Design, construction and maintenance of galvanic plants which go beyond the surface
Galvanic plants
Plants for water treatment and purification
Plants for the treatment of vibratory water
Electrophoretic deposition (EPD) plants for coating and layering
Industrial cleaning plants
A series of infinite finishes and types of processing techniques
Protective paint for electroplating
All types of painting (transparent, semi-transparent, glossy, matt, protective veneer, rubbery, metallic, iridescent, faded, pearled, regular, irregular, etc.)
From e-waste to precious metal
Recovery of precious metals from electronic waste
Recovery of precious metals from spent catalytic converters
Treatment of wastewater
Plant design, production and training for companies and governments all over the world
Chemical and electrolytic refining plants for gold and other precious metals (silver, palladium, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium and copper)
Recovery plants of electronic waste and catalytic converters (automotive and industrial)
Hollowing plants and goldsmithing plants involving chemical processing
Mining plants for precious metal recovery