The first edition of CHEMALUX has ended


The closing ceremony of the first edition of the CHEMALUX Specialist Course in Management and Communication for the Luxury Chemical Industry, promoted by the LEM INDUSTRIES Group in collaboration with the University of Siena (UNISI), took place on Tuesday, the 18th of May 2021.

All laureates, present and virtual, presented their projects, which they worked on during the teaching period, to the Examining Commission at the prestigious ‘Magna Storica’ of UNISI, having been able to research, study and explore the issues encountered during the duration of the course.

Training has allowed all students to improve and deepen their knowledge in many areas, from the world of marketing and communication, through the fundamentals of chemistry, to basic notions of economics and management.

The participants, who have completed this significant personal and professional milestone are: Andrea Marri, Chiara Pistocchi, Daniele Di Rubbio, Eva Rotelli, Fabio Menicucci, Fabio Sottani, Fabrizio Maricosu, Martina Crulli, Gaia Confalonieri and Gaia Martin.