Daniele Gualdani at Confindustria, Southern Tuscany


Daniele Gualdani, Sole Director of LEM INDUSTRIES SPA, will collaborate on behalf of the Arezzo section, together with Carlo Locatelli, newly elected president of the mechanical section of ‘Confindustria Toscana Sud’ (the General Confederation of Italian Industry).

“The today and tomorrow of the mechanical industry, is a challenge we cannot lose” – these are Locatelli’s words.
“I want to be with all my fellow entrepreneurs” – continues Locatelli – “sharing is the key to making progress together. We will work steadfastly as a sector to succeed in overcoming the complex challenge of tomorrow.”

The mechanical industry sector represents two-fifths of the associations of Confindustria, Southern Tuscany, and is a sector that has faced the all the difficulties linked to the COVID-19 crisis. Despite the difficult factors related to the pandemic, the solid foundations of many industries have made it possible to withstand the impact: companies that operate in sectors most connected to innovation and technology have in fact managed to maintain turnover, and in some cases even succeeded in growing.

All this was possible thanks to strong investments in both personnel and systems to obtain increasingly sophisticated technological products.