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Company Library

Company Library

“A library in the workplace – because books are knowledge and freedom”

A wealth of information sources of various genres and titles are made available to all staff of the LEM INDUSTRIES SPA Group. An area dedicated to serve as a proper library with loan services, also offering an area and the means to consult literature, books on art, technical books, novels and handbooks – all from which to choose, read and return.

“A book is knowledge and freedom. A book loaned or read in a library, in a factory, in an office or in a place of work, means better living. Right here is the basic sense of the company library’s initiative; we thought of an initiative for us, for all of you. There’s no success without knowledge: change is knowledge and knowledge is change, and wealth. It is with these principles that all of us must tackle our days, our work and our challenges. This library is a gift that each of us bestows upon ourselves and to others with their own gesture; at times knowledge also needs space and resources. Books have a cost, which this initiative responds to in the hope that reading a book may render the books happier and freer.”

Daniele Gualdani, Sole Director LEM INDUSTRIES SPA

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