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New automatic roboticised plant

Monster is an enormous galvanic plant which measures the length of an Olympic-sized swimming pool and represents the largest production capacity within the fashion and luxury accessories industries.

It is completely automated and roboticised, controlled by a dedicated digital system and dedicated to production which demands absolute qualitative performance along with total reliability, while respecting manufacturing and delivery schedules.

Monster guarantees nickel-free production.


 EstablishmentDivisionTotal parts automatic plant/yearStructures producedPezzi medi telaio IA
  LEM Plant 53728920 173880 309

 Structure parts (medium-sized)Structures per hourProduction hours per shiftDaily itemised production capacity for 1 shift
in pezzi 1 turno
Daily itemised production capacity for 3 shifts
  309 36 7 77900 233700


Throughout 45 years of activity, LEM has constantly dedicated itself to combining innovation, technology, environmental sustainability and ethical commitment, while achieving significant growth objectives and prestigious international certifications which validate its work.

Even in times of crisis and international instability we have chosen to remain loyal, not only to our own local communities – territory rich in culture and creativity from a very long line of traditional goldsmithing craftsmanship and continuous source of inspiration – but also to the promise of making LEM a sustainable entity from all points-of-view, focused on respecting workers, the safety of products, clear-cut production cycles, and on reducing the impact on the planet to a minimum.

Ever aligned with continuous improvement, we constantly set ourselves new goals to reach through a global perspective of the economy in which industrial growth is created by means of systems which are not only efficient and effective, but also compatible with the environment.

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