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Founded in 1974, LEM is the inspirational part of the LEM Industries S.p.A. Group, and over the course of 40 years, has become the world ‘reference’ for the electroplating of accessories of the most significant brands in international fashion and luxury.

LEM has always viewed the world from a different point-of-view than that of the rest of the galvanic production community.

LEM develops an industrial process, guaranteeing a high degree of craftsmanship.

Over the years, countless brand and luxury operators, from small-scale artisans to large firms and multinational corporations, have chosen to collaborate with LEM to create their products.

One of LEM’s key divisions in industrial process management is the LEM LAB, which contributes to the minimisation of non-conformities.
A team of eight chemists are constantly analysing electroplating solutions.

These process controls help avoid decomposition and depletion of chemical solutions needed to layer accessories, since the fashion industry demands the highest of quality standards and performance from electroplated finishes.

However, available solutions are usually more suited to the technical and decorative industries, not necessarily for the fashion industry. For these reasons, LEM LAB has reformulated commercially available solutions, and in some cases, uses its own proprietary solutions.

Production lines and plants

LEM’s consistent growth has been possible, thanks to its capacity to continually invest in new structures and new production lines, which currently include:

  • Manual electrodeposition plant
  • Automatic electrodeposition plant
  • Semi-automatic roto-barrel plant
  • Rotary vibrator plant (for vintage finishes and pre- or post-finishing)
  • New automatic galvanic plant fully dedicated to nickel-free production (November 2020)

& Lean

For us, the Lean methodology represents the practice of continuously developing products, services and processes – working with a continued drive towards excellence in assisting and expanding our customer base, day by day.

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